14 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons Game Gipper and Mark Muir disc Dogging at Halftime

  • by CanadianAnimalLuver

    darn football players in the way. Don’t they know people really just want to see the dogs!

  • by GeorgiaIrish

    Something funny about this video is Gipper loves Footballs at the end before he goes to the endzone to catch the disc he actually saw the punter punted the ball and he took off after the football. Look closely towards the end you will see it. LOL

  • by GeorgiaIrish

    Tracy your so silly. Gipper has gained so much confidence it is night and day different in two years. But I still felt bad that Rocket and Irish were not there.

  • by cincydiscdogsrule

    Yeah, can’t believe all the people just hanging out in your way! I mean, come on people – this is the WORLD CHAMP, getthehelloutatheway! Great job!

  • by collieinthekeys

    Geez, Mark, you weren’t kidding about having to dodge people and players – LOL! Gotta hand it to you for keeping totally cool and collected. Fabulous job!

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