The future of the MLS depends on the development of players

According to the CEO of Arsenal Ivan Gazidis, the future of the American League will in a big part depend on how much can their players develop in the next few years. Ever since 1994, Gazidis has been taking part of the management team of the MLS and in 2001 Gazidis became the deputy commissioner of the league.

In the past few years, the MLS has been experiencing a huge growth with more renowned stars deciding to join the league and it’s turning into an attracting league that can offer players a different environment to play which is completely different in comparison to the traditional European Leagues.

After having worked closely in the MLS, Ivan Gazidis has talked about this recent growth of the American League and what he believes is needed so that it can continue expanding and gain more prominence.

“The globalization of the world and the increasingly multicultural diverse population of the U.S., all of these things created a really fertile ground for soccer to grow. We’re seeing that in every single way that you can imagine. Soccer in the U.S. is now absolutely a part of the global conversation, it’s also a part of the sports conversation in the U.S., and it’s also a part of the cultural part of the conversation in the U.S.” Arsenal’s Ivan Gazidis said.

Football in the United States is not considered to be such a major sport as it’s not as popular or recognized in comparison to other sports that are played in that nation such as: Basketball and American Football.

However, with this rise and prominence of the MLS, things have been taking a turn as football in America is now turning into a more recognized sport.

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