Shipp Impresses Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire’s Harry Shipp has been one of the impressive players in the MLS this season. Even though Chicago Fire have been struggling in the decision of late with just two wins out of the 14 matches, the form of Harry Shipp has been positive news for the club. Shipp scored numerous goals and created more through assists at collegiate games, but he was expected to go through a period of adjustment after moving to Chicago Fire. This has not been required for the 22-year-old, as he has started the season on fire with five goals and four assists.

Shipp says that his form with his new club is certainly not surprising because he always had been confident about doing well when he signed for Chicago Fire. Manager Frank Yallop has also not been taking the pressure of the young shoulders by keeping him out of some matches. Instead, he has been thrust into action like every other player in this team. Even though the 22-year-old has been receiving a lot of praise on the manager and players, he says that he will not start working hard and improving.

He has revealed that his game is based upon idols like Thierry Henry, who continue to be a massive influence in his career. “So I think once I was able to do that and gain the trust and focus on getting better and learning and try to improve my game more and more every day, try to make an offensive impact but also work on cleaning up things defensively. Just take the last [league] game against Seattle as a perfect example where I scored two goals and we lost the game [3-2],” said the 22-year-old.

Chicago Fire are down near the bottom of the Eastern conference table, but will be hoping for an improvement in results.

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