Play Football Games online

Just as slot games are the most popular form of gaming available at online casino sites, so football is the most popular sport in the UK – thus an online slot combining football and casino gaming should be a guaranteed winner, right?

Well in fact there are a lot of football-based slot games available, suggesting that there is indeed a real customer base for them, but also suggesting that any new ones have to deliver something different to stand out from all the others.

The Game On slot certainly does offer something different, with a quirky premise, based around an animal version of the World Cup. It was created back in 2006 and has proven to be a real lasting success amongst Lucky Nugget online pokies fans since then, which can perhaps be attributed to the increasing enthusiasm for slots based on outlandish themes. However, getting beyond the oddball idea behind Game On, it actually has a lot in common with old-fashioned land-based slots.

For instance, alongside the football-themed reel icons like boots, whistles and World Cups players also have the choice of traditional fruit machine icons like lemons, melons and cherries. Furthermore the classic three-reel, single line format is another throwback to the land-based fruit machine days. However, Game On cleverly combines this with modern features and the football-theme, with graphics and audio providing a commentator in the style of John Motson, and video of the animals playing in a World Cup tournament.

The level of the maximum cash payout available with Game On is another feature which marks it as a distinctly modern online slot – as players can win up to $10,000 equivalent. The game does not include some of the features many have come to expect with modern online slots, like a free spins feature and wild and scatter symbols, but compensates for this with numerous on reel features. Game On is an online casino slot which should be great for football fans, gaming fans and anyone who enjoys something a little different.

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