LA Galaxy looking for new striker

LA Galaxy head coach Sigi Schmid has confirmed that his team is looking for a striker ahead of the new season. When asked about the new season, Sigi Schmid has stated that there will be new players ahead of the season.

He said that at the moment there is not a particular player that they are interested in as they are still weighing their different options.

LA Galaxy performed averagely last season as they ended up last in the MLS and Sigi Schmid said that he would be looking forward to strengthening the team. He said that they have a problem when it comes to their attack and this is the main issue that he will be tacking ahead of the new season.

He believes that there is already a good team of young players at LA Galaxy and that he will be looking to build on that. He said that there is already a good foundation and that he will only have to add some experienced and quality players in order to improve the team.

Sigi Schmid said that the common MLS season will be a competitive one and that there are many teams that can win the trophy. He said that the other teams have invested massively in new players and that they will have to do the same in order to remain competitive in the league.

Sigi Schmid said that it was a disappointing last season and that he will do everything that this season becomes different. He admitted however that LA Galaxy does not have much money at their disposal and that they will have to be astute when it comes to making new signings. He said that it would take some time before they actually find a good player.

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