Erick Torres signed 5 Season Deal with Houston

The 21 years old Mexican forward Erick Torres signed a 5 season long deal with the MLS side Houston Dynamo and performing in the American League will increase the youngster’s options on playing with Mexico in the upcoming matches which are scheduled to take place in the next few years.

Even at his young age, Erick Torres has already represented and played for Mexico at the international stage on a few occasions and now that he decided to remain in the MLS, his chances on performing on a more consistent basis for his country are higher according to the coach Miguel Herrera.

“Without a doubt, for his benefit and for me, Cubo should continue in MLS. It’s his decision and his agent’s and his family’s, and what he thinks is best for him. What we want is for him to have the same activity he had this year.” Miguel Herrera told the media

The manager of Mexico, Miguel Herrera has already stated on various occasions that he will be taking into consideration the players that have consistent playing time with their respective clubs. These specific players have a bigger chance on being called up for Mexico to play in all of the international matches that are scheduled to be taken into place with 2015 being a busy year for Mexico as there are a number of tournaments that are going to be played in that year including: The Gold Cup, Copa America and a few other youth tournaments.

Miguel Herrera signed a contract with the Mexican Federation that allows the coach to be in charge of the national squad until the 2018 World Cup and this means that he will be in charge of what players are going to be representing Mexico in the next edition of the biggest international tournament in football.

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