Atlanta United is injecting new life into the MLS

Atlanta United FC was founded back on 2014 but it wasn’t until 2017 when they began to compete in the MLS for the very first time and even though the club has only recently started to participate in the American League, they already have a huge support and backing from fans, this is becoming clear by the fact that Atlanta United are receiving the highest number of attendances from their matches.

Seattle Sounders has traditionally been the club that has received the largest amount of fans in terms of attendance but this has recently changed as the newcomers Atlanta United are attracting the attention of more people.

The average attendance for the Seattle Sounders during the 2016 season was around 42,636 while Atlanta United has already managed to surpass that amount with 49,077 fans per game in their very first season.

One of the reasons of why fans have been so enticed to watching the matches of Atlanta United and attending their games is because of the playing style which has been labeled as ‘’aesthetically pleasing’’

The Sporting Director of Atlanta United is Carlos Bocanegra and he has stated that they want to differentiate themselves from the rest by securing the services of players who are actually eager to become top players and not just sign them which is what many clubs in the MLS have traditionally been doing.

“We would like players that make themselves a star rather than going out and buying a star. We wanted to be younger. We wanted to be fast, athletic, entertaining, exciting, attack-minded.” Atlanta United’s Carlos Bocanegra said.

In their 1st season, Atlanta United has collected 5 wins, 4 defeats and 3 draws from their 12 opening matches of the season which puts them at the 7th spot of the Eastern Conference MLS.

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